My Favorite Baby Items

baby-1178539_1280Everyone told me that babies grow up fast.  At first, the sleepless nights and long fussy days seemed to creep by.  Then somewhere in there, they just started slipping away faster and faster.  Now our little goober is over a year old, and ate a whole egg and half a piece of toast for breakfast!

Since I’ve been packing away a lot of our baby items, I thought I’d share my two-cents about the baby things were life-savers for us.  I’m not exactly a minimalist, but I’m also not a pack-rat.  Clutter is my enemy, and baby things can create a lot of clutter.  So here goes the list of things I LOVED and were worth every dollar spent and inch of space occupied. Continue reading


Time Redeemed



We humans are eternal beings.  Our souls are made to live forever.  Forever.  Stop and think about that for a moment.  That neighbor that’s an absolute pain-in-the-neck….he’s an eternal being that will live forever in either heaven or hell.  That smiling baby in the floor…she’s a soul that will spend eternity either at Jesus’ feet or in burning agony.  Our own life is just a whisper in the wind of eternity.  So little time here on earth compared to forever.  That’s why it’s important that we effectively use what time we have here. Continue reading

Let Go; Move Forward


I grasped the swinging bar tightly with my right hand as my body moved forward and my left hand reached out further for the next bar.  My moves were calculated and quick–they  had to be, because I was crossing a large gulf filled with hot lava via an unfinished bridge made of steel beams.  My feet were hanging just a few feet above the lava, while my arms ached from pulling my weight from one bar to the next.  But there was no way I was going to stop!  If I did, I would surely get tired and fall into the lava to be burnt up in less than a millisecond!  Totally annihilated before I could even blink! Continue reading

The Letters

old-letters-436503_1280The other side of the world.  So far from home.  No telephone, no internet, no communication with loved ones “back home” except for handwritten letters.  There was so much that the young soldier wanted to tell his bride.  He poured his heart out in letter after letter, writing to his wife the detailed battle accounts, things of historical significance, what would need to happen before he could return home, and, most importantly, how very much he loved her.  Each manuscript was written with great care, and sent for his lovely bride to read and cherish in his absence.  Along the way, many people sacrificed their lives in order to preserve these letters and deliver them to the waiting wife.

When the letters finally reached the young bride, she made many copies, and kept a copy on her nightstand, in her purse, and on the coffee table.  Her devotion to her absent husband would have been striking…if she had only taken the time to actually open and read the letters he sent. Continue reading

A Spontaneous Day

st-louis-1308768_1280“I enjoy spontaneity, provided it’s carefully planned.”  This was my philosophy about life, until I met and married Ian Gebbia.  He would fly by the seat of his pants, making plans while he did them, without regard to the constraints known as time and energy.  Needless to say, our first year of marriage was rather interesting as we tried to meld my time-micro-management habits and Ian’s spontaneity into a balanced mix. Continue reading

Imperfectly Beautiful and Real

flower-765921_1280“My name is Kristen and I’m a recovering perfectionist.”  Seriously, there should probably be a “Perfectionist Anonymous” meeting for many of us because it can become such an obsession and addiction.  We think that life can never be perfect until it’s, well, perfect.  Yet if there’s one thing that’s true about life, it’s that it will never meet OCD standards. Continue reading